Data Logger

Sirveen is your PROVEN and RELIABLE source for Dataloggers systems for Indian Railways

  • RDSO approved Part-1 source for Dataloggers. Part - I approval is a testament to the quality of our products, and to our high level of service.

  • We provide the entire system, including Dataloggers, RTUs, FEPs, and CMUs. Each type of the system has been successfully operating in the field for several years.
  • Working systems in field for up to 4096 Digital Inputs
  • Proven interoperability with all existing installations.
  • Proven ‘Protocol Converter' solutions for Dataloggers meant for Electronic Interlocking (EI) equipment.
  • Proven networking/connectivity of the data to remote locations (HQ and Railway Board) using servers and firewalls, by using either wired (lan) or web framework. Networking work successfully completed even for Datalogger systems from other vendors.
  • Implemented High End Data presentation tools like Video Walls, Multi-Monitor Systems and Web Servers
  • Proven Point Health Monitoring Systems (Event Loggers, Mini Loggers and Relay Room Loggers), Battery Monitoring Systems and Fuse Monitoring Systems.
  • Proven ‘Yard Validation/System Integrity Testing' for stations.

Data Logger:

Data Logger is a Microprocessor based system which acts like a Black-Box, and facilitates monitoring of various Railway Signalling Control relays, interlocking relays, track circuits, point machines and other essential parameters. This also facilitates online/offline pictorial representation of train movements, verification of relay room maintenance, station master operations and any unfrozen faults/events during the day to day to operations of Railway staff. These reports and data can be viewed locally in a PC, or in a remote location through networking. This enables accurate supervision of operation, and greatly helps in planning future requirements.

  • Standard high speed Industrial based Multi core Processor system
  • Supports optically isolated digital inputs from minimum 64 inputs to maximum 4096 digital inputs @ 16 mSec scan rate for Dataloggers, and up to 128 digital inputs for RTU.
  • Supports Galvanic isolated analog inputs from minimum 8 inputs to maximum 96 analog inputs @ 1 second scan rate and up to 32 analog inputs for RTU
  • Supports more than 30 lacks event storage capacity and can be retrieved to any secondary memory for analyzing data
  • Supports printer interface to print hard copy of online/ off line data
  • Supports minimum 8 serial communication ports and can be expandable up to 16 ports
  • Supports Leased Line dual modem/ E1 to RS 232/ E1 to E1 communication techniques to establish the communication with various Railway communication networks.
  • Supports Potential free contacts to monitor & control Railway relay room equipment from central place.
  • Supports to monitor Points & Signaling gear system to avoid collision of trains
  • Facilitate audio visual alarms on any exceptions and faults
  • Facilitates local LCD display to monitor the operated events and other parameters.
  • Facilitates local keypad to scroll down & see the menu operations

Front End Processor

Front end Processor is a Microcontroller based system which acts like block box to collect the data Loggers information through railway network, sends to Central Monitoring system

  • Standard high speed Industrial based Multi core Processor system
  • Supports more than 50 lacks event data storage capacity.
  • Supports minimum 8 serial ports to maximum 16 serial ports
  • Supports Leased Line dual modem/ E1 to RS 232/ E1 to E1 communication techniques to establish the communication with Data Logger network in Ring topology.
  • Supports minimum 2 serial ports to establish communication with multiple CMU's

Central Monitoring Unit:

Central Monitoring Unit is a high end desk top system with latest configuration to establish communication with Front End Processor and stores the entire data logger's data for more than 3 months. It facilitates to monitor and analyze the online/ offline simulation of train movements & generates the general and exceptional reports at section level. It facilitates to push the collected information to Local server & web server through LAN to extend the data monitoring facility to Divisional/ Zonal / Railway board level.

  • Online / Offline monitoring of train movement, Points & Signaling gears simulation
  • Online monitoring of Digital and Analog inputs
  • Online monitoring of complete network status
  • Monitoring, verification and analysis selective period data
  • Online / Offline analog & digital graphical mimic display for the selective station
  • Facilitates auto back facility to take the back up of previous data for future analysis purpose.
  • Generates email/short message (SMS) to field staff and higher officials on any exception cases or faults occurrences
  • Facilitates the Network monitoring screen for easy monitoring of networking
  • Facilitates the Signal Monitoring System screen for easy monitoring of signaling system
  • Facilitates the Power supply Monitoring system for easy monitoring of Analog signal conditions

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